Ultimate Achievers Alliance [90-Day Cycle]

Ultimate Achievers Alliance [90-Day Cycle]

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Join David & Alisa Muller for the next 90 days to step into your passion and live even more healthy, wealthy and wise. Our accelerated schedule for this cycle will incorporate several dynamic strategies and tools to level up your life and start systematically crushing your goals.

It should go something like this...

WEEK 1  - Overview | Start With Gratitude

WEEK 2  - Values & Vision | Roles & Goals

WEEK 3  - The Path is Math | Weekly GPS

WEEK 4  - Passion>2>Profit | Mastermind Your Tribe 

WEEK 5  - Wealth Acelleration Formula

WEEK 6  - Business Snapshot | Online Toolkit

WEEK 7  - Special Guest Speaker

WEEK 8  - Personal GPS with David & Alisa

WEEK 9  - Special Training Based on Group Needs

WEEK 10 - Special Training Based on Group Needs

WEEK 11 - Special Training Based on Group Needs

WEEK 12 - Celebration & Awards

Starting April 3rd, We will meet on Zoom each Sunday at 5pm PST (8pm EST)

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